Management Committee


Amy Robinson (Co-Chair)

257460 Amy Robinson

Email: arobinson [at]   

RMA Manager

Department of Conservation

Bio: Amy is RMA Manager at the Department of Conservation, where her team advocates for the protection of indigenous biodiversity in RMA processes as well as ensuring the NZCPS is appropriately implemented. Amy has a Masters degree in physical coastal science from University of Waikato and has previously worked at Waikato Regional Council for 12 years in coastal resource management, including managing the coastal consenting team. Amy’s primary area of interest is in coastal hazard management and preservation of natural character in the coastal environment. She joined NZCS as a student member in 2001 and she has been on the Management Committee for eight years.


Mark Ivamy (Co-Chair)


Email: mark.ivamy [at]    

Natural Hazard Advisor

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bio: I work at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council as a Natural Hazards Advisor. This role involves increasing our knowledge of natural hazards in the Bay to determine the risk to our community. This knowledge can then be used to increase community resilience through risk reduction planning. I specialise in coastal hazards including coastal processes, hazard and engineering. I also enjoy using online GIS systems to explore and share natural hazard information.


Colin Whittaker (Deputy Chair and University and Education Coordinator)

1011161 Colin Whittaker

Email: c.whittaker [at]


The University of Auckland

Bio: Colin Whittaker is a lecturer in Civil Engineering Hydraulics at the University of Auckland. His teaching spans the civil engineering curriculum, from basic fluid mechanics and hydraulics through to coastal and water resources engineering. His research and professional work is primarily experimental, and includes the generation, propagation and impacts of tsunamis and extreme (rogue) waves, and the mitigation of coastal and fluvial flood events. He has also undertaken recent research in particle transport beneath wave groups, with applications to the transport of microplastics in the ocean.


Michael Allis (Treasurer)

Michael Allis 1003266

Email: michael.allis [at] 

Coastal Physical Processes Scientist & Coastal Engineer


Bio: Michael is a coastal engineer at NIWA with a keen interest in coastal and oceanographic physical processes. His engineering interests include applied coastal geomorphology, coastal engineering and shoreline management, coastal hazard risk assessments, coastal adaptation to climate change, and human activity impacts in the coastal zone. Complementing his engineering work, Michael has research interests in deep-water wave breaking (breaking onset and energy dissipation), swash zone sediment transport and multiphase flow processes (aerated flow) and coastal adaptation to climate change.


Jose Borrero (Website & Social Media Coordinator and Awards & Scholarship Coordinator)


Email: jose [at]  

Director & Coastal Scientist and Engineer

eCoast Marine Consulting and Research

Bio: Jose’s background is in civil and environmental engineering with an emphasis on water resources and specialising in numerical modelling. He is particularly interested in tsunami hydrodynamics and the coastal effects of tsunamis. Jose’s other research interests include coastal processes, sediment transport, wave breaking, and the design of erosion control and beach protection structures and schemes. He has also been involved in large-scale laboratory physical modelling projects related to tsunamis, coastal hydrodynamics and erosion.


Don Neale (Coastal News & Special Publications Coordinator)


Email: dneale [at]

Technical Adviser (Marine Ecosystems)

Dept of Conservation


Ana Serrano (National Regional Coordinator/Coastal News Coordinator)

1157987 Ana Serrano

Email: ana.serrano [at]   

Environmental Engineer

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bio: Ana is a Civil Engineer with a Masters on Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management. She has also been formed by UNESCO-IHE in Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

Ana has international experience working for a research company developing state-of-the-art modelling software, and she has been involved in multidisciplinary projects focused in working with nature solutions to mitigate flood risk in The Netherlands and Spain.

Since moving to New Zealand, Ana has been involved in a great variety of coastal projects: she has been directly involved with national infrastructure companies to protect and/or repair their assets, analysed the risks to natural hazards to feed into the masterplan of some major oil and gas companies, and she has successfully completed coastal processes assessments for various resource consent applications. More recently, she has been more involved in developing execution plans for shoreline management strategies with a focus on community engagement. 


Sam Morgan (Professional Development Coordinator)

1160912 Samuel Morgan

Email: samm [at] 

Senior Coastal Consultant

4Sight Consulting

Bio: Sam is a Coastal Scientist with an interest in how coastal processes contribute to beach and estuarine morphology. His academic background has mostly focused in estuarine geomorphology and processes which he has subsequently applied to beach processes and morphology. Currently he is a Senior Coastal Consultant at 4Sight Consulting and draws upon his experience in  roles as an academic, coastal asset manager, regulator, internal council advisor and as a consultant to provide guidance and direction on coastal projects and best practice approaches.


Craig Davis (Awards & Scholarship Coordinator)

245534 Craig Davis

Email: craig [at]   

Coastal Engineer

Davis Coastal Consultants Ltd

Bio: Craig Davis is a Chartered Coastal and Structural Engineer and Director of a consultancy specialising in Coastal Engineering and Planning for the last 20 years. Over this period of time he has worked extensively on coastal process and hazard assessment, and in the real world of coastal structures and shoreline management. His particular interests  are interacting with coastal communities and working through innovative solutions that can achieve a sensible harmony between protecting the coastal character, ecosystems and the use of our coastline and protection of coastal asset

Rebekah Haughey (National Regional Coordinator and Membership Portfolio)

Rebekah Haughey

Email: rhaughey [at]   

Coastal Scientist

Tonkin + Taylor Ltd

Rebekah is a coastal scientist based in the Tauranga Tonkin + Taylor office. Her interests and area of work is coastal processes and coastal hazard assessments. Rebekah completed her Masters degree at the University of Waikato which focussed on physical oceanography and modelling. Prior to joining the management committee in 2019 Rebekah provided the NZCS administrative support for 5 years.


Connon Andrews (Professional Development Coordinator)

Email: connon.andrew [at]   

International Manager and Specialist in Coastal Processes, Climate Change and Natural Hazard Resilience



Charles Hendtlass (Coastal News Editor)

charles h

Email: cellwairmonk [at]   

Charles has been a copy editor and technical writer for nearly 36 years, only interrupted by short stints as a high school teacher and as a research fellow at Canterbury University. After gaining undergraduate degrees in Physics and English, Charles completed a Masters in Resource Management that led (accidentally) to a career in writing and editing. After two years as a journal copy editor for Elsevier in Oxford, he later joined the Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Canterbury where he ran the Centre’s publishing programme for 16 years. His involvement in editing and publishing has continued on a freelance basis since 2008. Charles’ involvement in NZCS goes back nearly 25 years, when he first started desktop publishing Coastal News.


Alison Clarke (Administrator & Communications)

1010388 Alison Clarke

Email: nzcoastalsociety [at]  

Bio: Alison is a Senior Coastal Consultant at 4Sight based in their Tauranga office. She is also an administrator for the New Zealand Coastal Society. Alison’s technical background is in coastal science and she holds a Master of Science degree (MSc) from the University of Waikato. She has approximately 10 years professional experience working in both the public and private sectors of the UK and NZ. Her current role involves providing input and solutions to a wide range of coastal management applications and undertaking coastal processes and hazard assessments.

Renee Coutts (Administrator & Communications) 

Renee Coutts2018resize

Email: nzcoastalsociety [at]

Bio: Renee is an Administrator for the New Zealand Coastal Society and has been a member of the NZCS since 2010 initially as a student member.  Renee's technical background is in earth sciences - specifically Coastal Science and holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree from the University of Waikato.  She has been working within Local Government since 2012 and is currently a Compliance and Improvement Team Leader within the three-waters sector focusing on resource consent compliance, environmental monitoring, and drinking water standards.