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This years' conference theme "The Winds (and Waves) of Change" is intended to spark discussion around forthcoming changes in coastal management across in New Zealand, both currently and in the future. With Wellington being home to central government we can expect many of the changes in terms of our response mechanisms and legislative guidance to coastal management issues to be directed from the windy city.

The Wellington region holds examples of both the future direction of coastal management and the challenges of implementing change. The 2023 New Zealand Coastal Society Conference presents us with an opportunity to discuss the lessons learnt and contemplate the changes and challenges in front of us from work being undertaken around the country.


The New Zealand Coastal Society invite you to share your knowledge, stories and love of the coastal and marine environment at this year’s conference located in Wellington. We are looking for a diverse group of presentations and posters that delve into topics such as:  

1.   Resilience and Adaptation to Change

Approaches that improve resilience of our coasts and communities, that foster connection and allow them to adapt to change.

2.   Working with Nature

‘Soft’ engineering, ‘nature based solutions’, ‘nature led design’. The buzz words are numerous but the implementation is slow: what are the current approaches, successes and learnings?

3.   Physical and Ecological Processes

Understanding the physical processes and natural cycles of coastal environments.

4.   Engineering and Shoreline Management

Design, construction, operation, decommissioning, and restoration of engineered solutions in the coastal marine environment

5.   Planning and Policy

Legislation, regulations, plans, policy and customary practice in the coastal marine environment


The organising committee particularly welcomes contributions that consider Te Ao Māori perspectives to all these sessions.



  • Presenting at the conference can be via a 15-minute presentation or poster.
    • Further presentation specifics can be found on the separate "Information for Presenters" once submission deadlines have closed. 
  • We only require a 1-page (maximum) abstract for your presentation or poster. 
  • An abstract template can be found here. 

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Key Dates

Please note abstracts deadline of 20 October 2023.  

You will be advised of abstract acceptance by 27 October 2023.

More information regarding the conference, schedule, field trips and sponsorships will be added in due course to this webpage.

We hope to see you in Wellington!