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As part of the New Zealand Coastal Society's work to promote and advance knowledge and understanding of the coastal zone, this special publication, which is the fifth in the series and focuses on adapting to coastal change and hazard risk. 

The publication offers insights on how communities can respond to coastal hazards and climate change risk, and will support the development of dynamic adaptinve pathway planning to inform future community decision making.  Many of the articles share leading edge work and are forging new ground for responding to coastal hazards and climate change risks. There are many practical learnings and honest observations offered by those working in this complex area. 

Sections include:

- Setting the scene

- Planning and policy frameworks

- Engagement, collaboration and partnership

- Advances in coastal science

- Adapting to coastal change in urban and built environments


Contact the NZCS Administrator on NZCoastalSociety@gmail.com for information on obtaining a high resolution electronic or hardcover copy.



Special Publication - Coastal Adaptation
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