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Alistair Kirk

Alistair Kirk
Member since: 10/09/08
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General Manager Infrastruture and Property
Ports of Auckland
Bio: I head the infrastructure and property team at Ports of Auckland. I’m passionate about this business and its role as a key economic driver for the Auckland region and for New Zealand.
One of the biggest challenges the port faces is its location in central Auckland, which means options for expansion are limited. What drives me is the challenge of finding innovative ways to extract more from the limited space we have available in which to operate and grow. Where some ports have huge reclamation projects to work on, at Ports of Auckland it is my job to find ways we can operate more efficiently while doing as little reclamation as possible.
Sustainability is a big focus for Ports of Auckland. In my time as General Manager, we have reduced our need for reclamation by nearly 80%. I’m proud of this achievement and the role I’ve played in helping to find new ways to achieve our goals, while reducing the amount of harbour we have had to reclaim.