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Kamsin Raju

Kamsin Raju
Member since: 2023
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University of Auckland
Bio: Kamsin Raju, an Indo-Pacific Islander, is a master’s candidate at Auckland University pursuing studies in Environmental Science with a strong academic background in geospatial science, climate change, and sustainable land management & development. She has worked for the Fiji Resilient Informal Settlements Project under UN-Habitat in Fiji where she did ground-level data collection and mapping of climate hazards, infrastructure, and socio-economic conditions. In her current role as a focal point for the World Food Forum, she also advocates for sustainability and food security through targeted capacity building and youth engagement initiatives. In addition to her career, she has a passion for volunteerism and volunteers for various other organizations centered around open source GIS and, climate change and youth empowerment such as; FIG Young Surveyors Network (VCSP), OSM Fiji, YOUNGO, and UNEP's Major Working Group for Children and Youth. In her spare time, she is often lost in novels but otherwise also likes to nurture her quaint vegetable garden, experiment with various styles of cooking, and pacify her sweet tooth with copious amounts of baking. She is loud, proud, and without a doubt, everything brown. She aspires not only to make a positive impact in the lives of those that are most vulnerable but also to grow as a person to become someone her nieces can look up to.