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Sarah Hucker

Sarah Hucker
Member since: 4/26/2006
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RMA National Senior Planning Advisor
Department of Conservation
Bio: Sarah Hucker is a planner focussed on sustainable coastal management. She is currently a Senior National RMA Advisor with the Department of Conservation (DOC). She has worked in central government, for DOC, on coastal and marine policy and planning for 20 years, and local government for 3 years.

Sarah has a BSc with Hons and MSc in Physical Geography and Earth Science and a certificate of proficiency in resource management law all from Victoria University of Wellington.

Key achievements include the development of the Regional Coastal Plan: Kermadec and Subantarctic Islands, for the Minister of Conservation, which became operative in September 2017 and recently won an award for best practice from the New Zealand Planning Institute, and was short listed for an award from the Commonwealth Association of Planners.

Sarah’s work over the last 12 years has a strong focus on marine biosecurity – stemming from her work on the coastal plan for the Kermadec and Subantarctic Islands and engaging in this topic in other coastal plans around New Zealand. Other areas of work include supporting the Minister of Conservations statutory coastal management functions under the RMA (including NZCPS) and coordinating DOCs engagement in marine consent processes in New Zealand’s EEZ.