Field Trips

Wednesday afternoon - 16 November 2016

1:30pm All field trips are preceded by a presentation by Dr Mike Hilton on Dunedin Coastal issues

1. Monarch wildlife and harbour tour

2:30pm - Bus around Otago Peninsula to observe harbour views and Te Rauone beach changes,

4:30pm - Board the Monarch at Wellers Rock for a cruise around Taiaroa head viewing albatross, shags, sea lions and seals, then cruise back up the harbour to Dunedin wharf observing shipping channel, harbour walls, kai moana.

7:30pm - Arrive at Dunedin wharf


2. South Dunedin groundwater and Ocean Beach Domain management issues with Mike Hilton

2:30pm - Bus tour South Dunedin groundwater issues;

3:00pm - St Clair sea-wall & geotextile tubes; John Wilson Drive (New Zealand’s only dyke?); foredune notching’; coastal monitoring; Lawyers Head.

5:30pm - Return to St Margaret’s


3. Port Otago – dredging operations, deposition and erosion issues

2:30pm - Minibuses to Port Chalmers and to Port Otago Offices

Martin Single and Rebecca McGrouther leading presentation, discussion and questions

  • Presentation by Port Otago and consultants in the Promotions Room
  • Content will be similar to open days for the inshore disposal consents
  • Fact sheets on beaches & coastal processes (Martin), surf quality (Peter), marine biota, and disposal history (Rebecca).
  • Interactive wave play computer program to look at the effects of disposal on wave quality (Peter McComb will demonstrate/explain)
  • 5 minute dredging video - demystifying the dredging process in Otago Harbour
  • Presentation on our consenting work and public engagement process
  • Short tour of new cruise terminal, which will allow delegates to view a ship working at the Container Terminal.

Bus to Heyward Point with Port Otago and consultants to see the coastal processes in action.

5:30pm - Return to St Margaret’s