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Wednesday 28 October 2020

NZCS Monthly Webinar Series


Date and Time: Wednesday 28th October, 2-3pm

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NZCS webinar October

Date and Time: Wednesday 28th October, 2-3pm

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Scott Stephens 

Analysis of extreme storm-tide and skew-surge events around the coastline of New Zealand

We set out to understand the things contributing to the highest sea levels we get in New Zealand and whether there are patterns and if they are likely to occur in multiple places at once, or if they occur in close succession. These are issues that are important for emergency managers and insurance companies. We examined the spatial and temporal clustering of these extreme storm-tide and skew-surge events and identify typical storm-tracks and weather types associated with the spatial clusters of extreme events, from 85 extreme sea level and 135 extreme skew-surge events recorded in NZ since 1900. In this talk we explain how tides combine with storm surge, how the spring–neap tidal cycle prevents storm-tide events in close succession, the typical weather systems associated with extreme sea-levels and which areas of NZ they strike, and the surprising high sensitivity to the quite small mean sea level anomaly.            

Ryan Abrey

Aerial drones and their application within coastal zones for data collection

Most coastal investigations are expensive and complex to implement leading to the reliance on assumptions during the initial stages of projects. The presentation covers measuring currents in the surf zone using drones as well as other notable coastal features which were encountered during testing; this is to provide examples of where aerial drones can be applied to coastal applications to provide a cost effective and easily accessible means for data collection.


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Thursday 19 November 2020

Tohoku (Japan) Tsunami: Impact and Recovery

tsunami 1

Japan is still recovering from the March 2011 magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami that struck the north eastern coast in the Tohoku region north of Sendai. Nine years later the impacts are still evident, and the enormous recovery program includes major sea walls and community relocations that have changed the region dramatically. Mark Ivamy undertook a reconnaissance of the area in October 2019 in the company Professor Hiroyuki Nomoto (Toyko University) and brings us an overview of the stories of survival, the impacts that remain and the protection measures now in place.


What: Mark Ivamy (Bay of Plenty Regional Council) is presenting in Tauranga on the impact and recovery of Tohoku (Japan) from the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Where: Level 2 lecture theater, University of Waikato Tauranga Campus, Durham St 

When: 19th November 2020, 5:30pm for 6pm start

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About the Speaker: Mark Ivamy is a coastal scientist and senior hazards planner with Bay of Plenty Regional Council responsible for region wide natural hazard research, evaluation and risk reduction measures. Mark’s background as a designer of many of the coastal protection structures we see in Tauranga gives him a unique perspective when it comes to reconnaissance of the north eastern Japan coast which he did in 2019.


Thursday 26 November 2020

NZCS 2020 Conference

Although Covid-19 forced the cancellation of our 2020 conference on Waiheke Island, we have a great alternative lined up for Thursday 26 November. The event will comprise 3 events including an online webinar and gatherings in 5 regions:

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Eric Verstappen Young Professionals Networking

12 noon to 1.30pm

Face-to-face gatherings over a lunch in three centres for students and young professionals (<5 years in service).

This event provides students and early career professionals with an opportunity to network with and ‘pick the brains’ of invited mentors who have been there and done that in the coastal scene. Most invited mentors are in positions that involved recruiting, so they are able to provide insights into what they are looking for in potential coastal employees and to offer a range of career options and choice. The event is also an opportunity to network with people from across the country and at the same early career stage.


The event will be held in venues at Auckland (Beca Auditorium), Raglan (Sunset Motel), and Christchurch (WSP offices). Attendees limited to 25 in each region.


Main Event - "Effects of sea level rise on coastal systems" Webinar

2 to 4pm

This event showcases the forthcoming Coastal News Special Issue on “Effects of sea level rise on coastal systems”. Due to be published in November 2020, the issue will provide an insight as to how our coastal systems have and can be expected to behave in response to past and future sea level rise. The aim is to convey that different coastal systems behave in different ways and that these should be considered by practitioners when addressing planning, management and engineering issues in coastal management. Articles in the issue will cover: Sea Level Projections for New Zealand, Coastal hydrosystems, Estuaries, Sandy beaches, Mixed sand gravel beaches, Coastal cliffs, Maori perspective on environmental change, and Modelling coastal evolution. The webinar will provide the opportunity for four of the authors (Associate Professor Richard Levy, Professor Karin Bryan, Associate Professor Giovanni Coco and Associate Professor Mark Dickson) to speak to their papers. Please see speaker Bio's here

Registrants can view the webinar from a home, office or central venues at Auckland (Beca Auditorium), Tauranga (Mount Ocean Sport Club), Raglan (Sunset Motel), Wellington (Engineering NZ Auditorium) and Christchurch (WSP offices).


Regional Networking Gatherings

4.30 to 7pm

This event sees face-to-face gatherings in selected centres where you can mix and mingle and connect with colleagues post-webinar. Snack food and limited drinks will be provided after which you can purchase from the bar. 

The event will be held in venues at Auckland (Beca Auditorium), Tauranga (Mount Ocean Sports Club), Raglan (Isobar), Wellington (Engineering NZ Auditorium) and Christchurch (WSP offices).


The gathering at Tauranga will begin with the “Eric Verstappen Panel Discussion” (4.30 to 5.30) followed by networking drinks and nibbles (5.30pm - 7pm).


All events are free (numbers are capped for the Breakfast)


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