2020 Seaweek Ocean Champion

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2020 Seaweek Ocean Champion

On Thursday 5 March, NZCS Wellington Regional Coordinator Ryan Abrey presented the NZCS sponsored 2020 Seaweek Ocean Champion Award to Lorraine Shaab and members of the Petone Beach Clean Up Crew. Lorraine receives $500 to support her project.

Lorraine's ocean challenge began while plogging (picking up litter whilst jogging) and has since grown over the years where she now aims to raise awareness of plastics pollution and the use of nurdles in manufacturing. Her main concern is that several plastic manufacturers in Wellington import nurdles, the raw material used to make plastic products, and they are getting spilt during production and transportation and are contaminating our beaches. 

Lorraine is committed to putting more pressure on the plastic manufacturing industry to ensure granules stop entering our waterways, and informing the public who are mostly unaware that these granules are ending up in our stormwater drains that flow into Wellington harbour.

Congratulations Lorraine and crew!

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Photo Credit: Hutt City Council